Drop-In Meetings

In normal times the Group holds informal Drop-In meetings on the first Thursday of every month at All Saints Church Community Centre in Hoole for those who have been through the trauma of life-threatening critical illness. 

Everyone is welcome no matter where you have been hospitalised and whether you are a former ICU patient, a relative or carer. 


You will have the opportunity to chat with people who have had similar experiences and to discuss as a group or individually any issues that concern you.


We often have speakers on subjects that will interest everyone and we can point you in the right direction for further help and support

Come and join us at our next meeting for a cup of tea or coffee - the meetings are free of charge.

“talking with people who have been through a similar experience really helped me”

Due to the Coronavirus our usual Thursday Drop-In meetings have been replaced by On-Line meetings using the Zoom app.  It is very simple and easy to use and will not cost you anything to join.

If you would like to join in - to chat or just to listen - please use the contact us page on this site and we will send you simple instructions and the link.

These Zoom meetings take place every Thursday evening from 6.50 pm

Everyone is welcome to Drop-In - you will find a warm welcome awaits you.

Some weeks we also have speakers on interesting and useful subjects.

We have also started a weekly Relatives Drop-In every Tuesday evening also from 6.50 to allow family and friends the opportunity to discuss the issues they have had to face because these can be quite different to the patient's perspective.

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