Tony’s Story


I was rushed in to A&E on 5 January 2017 with very bad stomach pain and vomiting blood.  It turned out that I had a burst gall bladder with peritonitis, four quadrant contamination with sepsis.  I spent three weeks in ICU where I was given a 20% chance of pulling through.


Following ICU I was unable to stand and needed lots of physiotherapy to get walking again – this was provided by Sophie Horton and her team and I am most grateful for the effort and time they spent with me.


At the end of my physio I was offered the chance to join ICUsteps Chester’s Exercise Group.  I think it is a wonderful organisation which we are very lucky to have.  This is held at Lache Community Centre every week and are run by Wez Watton who is great at helping you through the introductory period and provides ongoing help as needed.  These classes are free – funded by ICUsteps Chester,  but there is also the opportunity to use the gym there at other times for the small cost of £2 per hour.


I would recommend these classes to anybody – they have made a real difference to me in building up my strength again.

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